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Let’s Co-Innovate Something Extraordinary

TechFabric is a leading-edge technology solutions provider partnering with organizations to help them digitally transform, innovate and scale.

From cloud modernization to custom software development to operational efficiency and process automation, we partner with businesses and show them how to leverage technology across their entire organization to achieve greater ROI at scale.

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Our Philosophy

The brightest ideas bubble up when teams rally around a clear and common goal. At TechFabric, our approach is built on combining intensive cross-team collaboration with leading-edge innovation. We don’t simply “partner” with our clients to build software, we co-innovate – bringing together the deep expertise of both teams to develop truly transformative technology solutions.

This philosophy has been proven over hundreds of successful application and product launches, customer experiences and feedback loops, systems implementation and data automation, and most important, ROI at scale. By combining our deep technology and industry expertise with your team’s unique knowledge of your business, we can collaborate and innovate – or “co-innovate” – market-leading solutions that can transform your entire organization and put it miles ahead of the competition.

Without our expert teams, co-innovative approach and strong industry partnerships (along with a healthy dose of our own transformation medicine) TechFabric would not have been able to scale by more than 5x since 2017. We are now collaborating and innovating on a global level, onboarding diverse teams and expanding our capabilities and results.

Global TechFabric Offices Serving The Worldwide IT Economy

We go where the talent is, and in today’s digital world, it’s everywhere.

Map with TechFabric locations

HQ - Phoenix, AZ

1530 E. Williams Field Rd.

Gilbert, AZ 85295

US - Los Angeles

3951 Huguera St.

Culver City, CA 90232

EU - Netherlands

Barbara Strozzilaan

1083 HN, Amsterdam

The Netherlands

EU - Ukraine

Hlinky St. 2

Dnipro, 49000, Ukraine


Unit-305 AALTOS A&M Trade Centre



Diversity Matters At TechFabric

From our leadership, across the entire global TechFabric community (including our beloved pets), we are firm believers in the power of different. Our special sauce doesn’t come from all of us “being on the same page,” it comes from challenging ourselves and each other to embrace new points of view, consider different approaches and grow because we tried something different.  

We take great pride in building this inclusive, innovative culture and watching each new team member bring something uniquely different to the table and take something new away. We are out to prove something and its simple. Diversity just works better. It sparks innovation and achieves better outcomes.   

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Our Leadership Team

 A team with over 100 years' combined experience in digital and leadership innovation.

Preetham Reddy


Preetham Reddy

Preetham is TechFabric’s CEO but is also a technology pioneer and 20-year veteran in architecting and developing scalable cloud-native applications and solutions for the enterprise market.


Dennis Wukovits

Engineering and Product Advocate with 20+ years of experience identifying, qualifying, and implementing technologies & systems that facilitate business processes and strategic objectives.

John Bellaud

EVP Product & Client Delivery

John Bellaud

A leader in the technology, marketing, business and media for over 30 years, John’s experience extends across all industries and areas of digital transformation from startups to mid-market to enterprise.

Vikram Chamakura

SVP Finance

Vikram Chamakura

Vikram has over 20 years’ experience in Finance and as a CFO working for worldwide enterprise organizations and is also a Product Strategist specializing in the Automotive industry.


Evan Etheridge

A leader in the technology, marketing, business and media for over 30 years across all areas of digital transformation from startups to mid-market to enterprise.

Leo Oliemans


Leo Oliemans

Leo comes with 10 years of Experience in Supply Chain specializing in the Automotive Manufacturing & Semi-conductor industry. Having a passion for Business efficiencies and Process optimization.

Raja Vemuri


Raja Vemuri

Raja is an industry-leading solutions architect with over 15 years’ experience designing complex enterprise ecosystems and solving high-level strategic issues of business architecture.

Sergey Ustimenko​


Sergey Ustimenko​

Sergey is an enterprise level architect and information specialist who has led and coordinated the development of IT solutions and business IT transformation for more than 10 years.

Meghana Lakkadi

VP Operations & HR

Meghana Lakkadi

Meghana is a highly motivated professional providing leadership, collaborative operational strategy and maintaining strong business relationships by engaging business leaders and Enterprise stakeholders.

Neelima Reddy


Neelima Reddy

Neelima is the president of TechFabric and has over 8 years' experience in leadership, operations, partnerships, and leading tech firms to success.

Praveen Kunta


Praveen Kunta

An HR Leader with over 23+ years of industry experience in designing & driving best HR practices with a passion for Training & Development with experience in participating in company strategic business goals and operational objectives to ensure optimum utilization of resources.

Alyona Beliashova


Alyona Beliashova

Alyona is a Director of HR and Operations in Eastern Europe, having 10+ years of experience in managing large functional 100+ people teams. Prefers leadership over authoritarianism, and processes that are people oriented. Adept at nurturing corporate culture, careful recruitment, and a healthy onboarding process.

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Of Partners Certified In Microsoft Azure Development.

Being a Gold Partner means we are in the top one percent of Microsoft partners worldwide. Our teams are fully certified and in all things Azure and specialize in Azure Development as a core part of our partnership.

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Reduction in Customer Support Time

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We are a highly-diverse, extraordinarily collaborative and on a mission to build amazing things — and love life while we do it. We are always on the lookout for talented, spirited individuals who want to bring their A-game and join a strong team. Sound like you? Reach out and let’s talk. We might be your perfect fit.

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