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Growing organizations across the globe are transforming their digital ecosystems to cloud-native to gain unlimited flexibility and scale. What’s holding your business back?

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Let's Look Forward, Together.

Look to a future with faster with greater scalability, security and flexibility. Our agile cloud teams give you the expertise, know-how, and development horsepower to accelerate your cloud migration and develop the right infrastructure to get products to market faster, gain deep data intelligence, meet customer demands while cutting costs and growing ROI.

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Cloud Services & Solutions

Cloud Transformation
& Architecture

Advance your business toward a sustainable, highly scalable cloud strategy with a partner that understands your unique needs. Our transformation teams and business analysts will work with you to create the right implementation strategy to transform and optimize your entire organization.

Cloud Migration
& Modernization

Transform legacy applications into modern, high-performing, cloud-native, cross-device experiences that reinvigorate your user base and grow your market share. Our experts will show you how to reimagine your outdated platforms and replace them with market leading applications.

Cloud Development
& Native Applications

From Infrastructure to Platforms to Software-as-a-Service, our teams know how to leverage the scale, elasticity, resiliency, and flexibility the cloud provides, will work with you to develop a complete implementation plan that aligns with your overall transformation strategy.

Cloud Connected

Digital is methodically moving through every industry sector and Internet of Things allows for seamless smart device integration.  Our cloud, IoT and experience specialists understand how to combine cloud & IoT to drive seamless, fully connected experiences across all smart devices.

Cloud DevOps
& Optimization

Let us show you a better way to manage your pipelines to break out of the traditional technology silos. Streamline your development, security, data management and testing to ensure controlled, successful deployments through cross team strategy, continuous delivery, and ongoing optimization.

Cloud Managed

Drive your core business while ensuring stability, performance and optimization across your entire organization with our cloud managed services. Get the expert help you need to manage cloud infrastructure, applications and DevOps and implement strategies for ongoing growth.   

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Transforming Vehicle Repossessions & Transportation

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End-to-End Cloud Capabilities to Transform & Scale Your Organization

Our innovative approach to cloud has helped thousands of companies leverage today’s powerful cloud technologies to accelerate development, enable scale, and maximize digital ROI. From strategy to implementation to development to managed services, our expert cloud teams are ready to help.

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Cloud Strategy & Architecture

Our leading-edge cloud strategy and architecture teams have designed thousands of mission-critical, cloud-native applications. No matter what cloud platform (Azure, AWS, Google), our specialized teams can lead and support a successful journey to cloud through digital initiatives including:

  • Cloud/IT Strategy & Growth Planning
  • Migration & Modernization Strategy
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architecture & Systems Design
  • Data Management, Warehousing & Integration Strategy
  • DevOps & DevSecOps Implementation Strategy
  • Managed Services & Co-Management Strategy
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Cloud Migration & Modernizing Legacy Applications to Cloud-Native Apps

When it’s time to cut the cord on your legacy applications and modernize for cloud, our experts use the latest containerized, API-driven, serverless technologies and take advantage of Azure’s full development stack to transform and modernize your existing ecosystem through:

  • Re-imagine & Re-design Existing App & Integrations
  • Modern M.A.C.H. Architecture Approach
  • Immutable Infrastructure & CI/CD
  • Data Transformation & Management
  • Application Security & Compliance
  • Monitoring and Maintenance
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Cloud-Native Application Design & Modern Development

Our leading-edge strategy, design and development teams have built thousands of market-leading, cloud-native applications across all industries. Our process is designed to intertwine business and user goals and needs to develop high-performing, sustainable, scalable applications that provide exceptional value from the first iteration. Our cloud application and platform teams deliver:

  • Product & End-User Strategy
  • Application Architecture & Systems Design
  • UX/UI Strategy & Experience Design
  • Cloud-Native Front-End & Backend Development
  • API Design & Development
  • Ongoing Development Pipeline Management
  • Data Migration, Management & Security


Why Migrating To Cloud Is Right For Your Business

Over the past decade, the cloud has become a central topic for growing enterprises. A reported 94% of enterprises have cloud strategies in place, and that number continues to increase.

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Cloud Connected IoT to Create Fully Connected, Cross-Device Experiences  

Cloud computing is the backbone of the Internet of Things that continues to transform business productivity and consumer experiences. Let our IoT specialists show you how to manage IoT device data over cloud platforms to create truly integrated, connected experiences across multiple devices and systems. We work across all areas if cloud connected IoT including:

  • Device and Data Strategy & Architecture
  • Product Development (Industrial, Commercial, Consumer)
  • Device Integration, APIs & Data Management
  • Workloads & Network Scalability
  • Automated Monitoring
  • Data Reporting & Analytics
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Reorganize Your Development Operations & Pipeline with Expert DevOps Support

As time-to-market and efficiency are top priorities in today’s agile development, DevOps has become a necessity like never before. Many organizations struggle to implement and adopt robust DevOps practices, and this is where our specialists can help. We work with mid-to-enterprise-level companies to help them plan, implement and optimize DevOps and scale across the entire organization including:

  • Agile Planning Strategy & Tools
  • CI/CD Pipeline Management
  • Repo & Versioning Management
  • Integrated Security Practices & Management
  • Manual, Automated & Exploratory Testing
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Stay Focused on Your Core Business with Cloud Managed Services

TechFabric Managed Services leverages cloud and platform expertise with automation, operations, and deep DevSecOps experience to help you grow and scale as a modern digitally-enabled business. Our managed services organization includes:

  • Complete Monitoring & Scanning
  • Incident Management & Remediation
  • Backups & Patching
  • Compliance & Governance
  • Continuous Assessment & Optimization
  • Ongoing Recommendations & Support
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Being a Gold Partner means we are in the top one percent of Microsoft partners worldwide. Our teams are fully certified and in all things Azure and specialize in Azure Development as a core part of our partnership.

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