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One of the most powerful assets in your organization is data. Move to modern, cloud-based approach to streamline and maximize data for the insights and performance you need to create meaningful change.

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Unlock The Most Powerful Tool In Your Business, Data.

In the digital economy, data is now a key asset within your organization. Enabling its unlimited potential can dramatically transform your business operations, customer experiences, and bring to foreground important market opportunities that would otherwise be missed.  Accelerate your growth by building and implementing a complete data strategy to gain the automation, efficiency and additional ROI buried within your organization.

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Data, AI Services, & Solutions

TechFabric offers end-to-end data management solutions from strategy to implementation to monitoring.

Data Strategy & Architecture

The best way to get the most value from your data is to make sure your data assets support your business strategies; for that you need the right architecture.  Our architecture specialists will help you to ensure high performance, scalability, security and efficiency across your entire data ecosystem.

Intelligent Data Platform

To ensure your data is accessible, secure and visible, you need a robust data management plan. Modern data platform provides the platform, tools and methodologies that can profoundly transform your data and deliver the intelligence you need to drive both customer and operational growth and success.

Machine Learning, AI & Data Intelligence

The true value of data lies in its intelligence. This is where machine learning and AI insights are enabling intelligent automation of processes and transactions that serve the back and front end of key systems and operations. Let’s make your data work smarter and faster with sustainable processes that deliver high returns without scaling costs.

Data Visualization & Insights

Delivering actionable insights is the cornerstone of any modern data strategy. To leverage data to the fullest, you need meaningful reporting and visibility across all areas of your business. Using the latest tools and techniques our data analysts will help you unleash the true power of your data.

Data Managed Services

Your teams have a core business to manage and little time to perfect or manage your data. Our data strategists, architects and analysts provide the monitoring, management, security, continuous updates and optimization to keep your data, and your business running smoothly.

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End-to-End Data Management & Intelligence Capabilities to Transform & Scale Your Organization

Our certified data experts are some of the top minds in the business helping thousands of companies leverage modern data architecture and the innovative TechFabric approach to accelerate development and maximize digital ROI.

Data Strategy & Architecture

Data Strategy & Architecture

Our data strategy and architecture teams are experts at creating highly customized, transformative data solutions that will guarantee you get the most value from your data while supporting key business strategies.  Our data management specialists will co-innovate the right data strategy to make your data work harder and smarter for your organization using the right technologies and platforms for the job including:

  • Data Solution Architecture
  • Modernization & Cloud Migration
  • Warehousing & Database Management
  • Machine Learning & AI Intelligence
  • Integration, API / End-Points
  • Reporting, Visualization Tools & Analysis
  • Managed Services & Co-Management Strategy
Data Warehousing, Security & Management

Data Warehousing, Security & Management

Make sure you position your organization for maximum flexibility and intelligence; TechFabric architects can design the  right management solution for your business that maximizes your transactions while giving you total visibility through enhanced reporting across all dimensions of your data.  Streamline your database management while increasing performance and security with TechFabric’s powerful data warehouse solutions which include:

  • Data Warehouse Strategy & Architecture
  • Hybrid & Multi-cloud Solutions
  • Data Transformation & Migration
  • Database Performance Analysis & Optimization
  • Intelligence, Visualization Tools & Reporting
  • Scale, Usage & Cost Management
Machine Learning, AI & Data Intelligence

Machine Learning, AI & Data Intelligence

Leverage the true power of AI, automation, and data intelligence to transform all data-driven areas including customer experience, operational efficiency, process automation and data analysis. Let our top notch data intelligence specialists create smarter, more adaptable offerings with our complete AI solutions including:

  • Data & Ecosystem Opportunity Analysis
  • Data Integration, ML & AI Strategy
  • Data Collection & Management
  • AI-ML Tools & Advanced Algorithms
  • Predictive Analytics & Forecasting
  • Optimization & Ongoing Management


Transform Your Data Visibility, Transform Your Organization

It’s easier now than ever to collect data in a variety of avenues within your organization, but that data can only be as powerful as the dependability and insights that it provides.

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Data Visualization

Data Visualization, Intelligence & Insights

Gaining complete visibility into your data with reporting enables you to gain insight and intelligence you need to make informed decisions across your entire organization. Our data reporting and analytics experts understand how to empower your business with the strategy, tools and advanced analysis to transform your data into your most powerful intelligence asset including:

  • Database & Management Audit
  • Reporting & Data Strategy
  • Database Optimization & Data Formatting
  • BI Tools & Platform Implementation
  • Dashboard Design & Development
  • Reports Generation & Optimization
  • Data Analysis & Ongoing Recommendations
  • Training and Reporting Management
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Stay Focused on your Core Business with Data Managed Services

You’ve got a business to scale, and to do it effectively you need to know your data is properly managed, fully secure and providing the actionable insights you need at your fingertips. Data Managed Services allows you to focus on your business knowing your data management is being overseen and optimized by experts. With managed services you get:

  • Complete Monitoring & Scanning
  • Incident Management & Remediation
  • Reports Development & Dashboard Updates
  • Ongoing Performance Optimization
  • Data Analysis & Ongoing Recommendations
  • Compliance & Governance

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