Digital Strategy & Agile Innovation

The right strategy is the backbone of successful digital transformation. Put the right roadmap in place to fully leverage technology & put your organization on the path to sustainable growth.

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Let’s Co-Innovate Your Roadmap For Success At Scale.

You don’t have to navigating the complexities of technology alone. Our co-innovative approach blends your teams’ deep industry knowledge with our expert digital strategists and architects to chart the right path for taking full advantage of today’s technology while future proofing your organization for whatever comes next.

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Complete Digital Transformation Strategy & Innovative Consulting Solutions

Get your digital world on the right track with expert strategy from TechFabric. Our strategic specialist teams have created and implemented thousands of solutions across many industries and technologies. Let our strategic division show you how to modernize your ecosystem, grow new revenue streams and position your company for unlimited scale on all fronts.

Cloud Enablement Strategy

From Infrastructure to Software- as- a- Service, our transformation teams, cloud architects and business analysts know how to leverage the scale, elasticity, resiliency, and flexibility the cloud provides. TechFabric develops across all cloud-native areas and will work with you to develop an implementation plan that fully positions your business for scale.  

Digital Product Strategy

Best-in-class software requires a lot more than just great developers, it requires asking the right questions and expert strategists who understand how to define the right product and go-to-market strategy for the business and its customers. There’s no room for guesswork in strategic product development. 

Digital Experience Strategy

Creating highly engaging user experiences that drive adoption is core to success and where many companies and teams falter. Companies are learning that user experience strategies must take center stage; TechFabric’s customer-centric, co-innovation approach delivers leading-edge experiences that drive real customer conversion, retention and ROI at scale.

Data Intelligence & Management Strategy

If it’s time to rethink how your business is capitalizing on your competitive advantage (aka your data); TechFabric data experts can work with you to re-architect your data management strategy to deliver the performance, security, automation and visibility necessary to drive more strategic decisioning across your entire ecosystem.

Operations Optimization Strategy

Our operational strategists bring a 360-degree view across operations and supply chain management and have helped organizations like yours find the hidden ROI buried inside operational inefficiencies throughout the business.

DevOps & SecOps Strategies

Often neglected, DevOps & SecOps strategies can make or break any software release.  Ensuring high performing usability and adoption depends on a solid strategy that encompasses full release management and security throughout the process. The TechFabric DevOps & SecOps teams can help you transform your release cycles, ensure security and create seamless experiences for all users. 

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Digital Transformation In A High Stakes Market With Complex Processes

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Digital Strategy & Innovation to Transform & Scale Your Organization

Don’t hope you are on the right track; know you are with strategic consulting services from TechFabric. We can help on all your digital initiatives and help you create a roadmap that will   position your organization to outpace the competition.

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Creating the Right Cloud Strategy & Architecture for Growth & Scale

Our leading-edge cloud strategy and architecture teams are some of the top minds in the industry and have designed thousands of mission-critical, cloud-native applications and infrastructures. No matter what cloud platform (Azure, AWS, Google), our specialized teams can lead and support your journey to cloud through digital initiatives including:

  • Cloud/IT Strategy & Growth Planning
  • Migration & Modernization Strategy
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architecture & Systems Design
  • Data Management, Warehousing & Integration Strategy
  • DevOps & DevSecOps Implementation Strategy
  • Managed Services & Co-Management Strategy
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Leading-Edge Digital Experience Strategy & Innovation

Creating powerful, human-centric experiences starts with an informed strategy that intermingles business goals and needs with user behaviors, technology and data to drive intended outcomes. Let our experts show you how to develop a strategy that elevates your user experiences to drive adoption, retention and engagement well beyond your competition including:

  • Business Discovery & Data Insights Analysis
  • User/Customer Persona & Journey Mapping
  • Market Analysis & Competitive Profiling
  • Design Approach & Design System Planning
  • Front-end Development Methodology & Approach
  • User/Customer Feedback Loops & Validation
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Data Intelligence Strategy & Architecture

Our data strategy and architecture teams are experts at creating highly customized, transformative data solutions; and will co-innovate the right data strategy and approach to make your data work harder and smarter for your organization. From database management to visualization to actionable insights, our data specialists will create the right strategy for your business including:

  • Data Solution Architecture
  • Modernization & Cloud Migration
  • Warehousing & Database Management
  • Machine Learning & AI Intelligence
  • Integration, API / End-Points
  • Reporting, Visualization Tools & Analysis
  • Managed Services & Co-Management Strategy


Product Owner Spotlight

A technical solution is only as powerful as the humans behind it, and we are proud to have some pretty incredible people working at TechFabric. Let us introduce you to Andrew, one of our product owners and strategists helping companies take their product ideas from the beginning to the finish line.

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Process Automation & Operations Optimization Strategy

The growing demands on your business from customers, partners, vendors put constant pressure on you to evolve and change. Meeting these challenges means implementing automation strategies and processes to streamline repetitious tasks and transactions allowing your teams to stay focused on revenue-generating activities. We leverage a host of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platforms and tools applied to a wide range of industries (finance, healthcare and automotive to name a few)  to help our clients:

  • Audit and Analyze Existing Systems & Processes
  • Develop a Full Automation & Optimization Strategy
  • Implement Necessary Tools, Platforms & Methodologies
  • Re-Architect Data Flows, APIs & Implement New Strategy
  • Create Updated Dashboards & Data Intelligence
  • Ongoing Management & Optimization
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DevOps & DevSecOps Strategy & Pipeline Management

Business value is only achieved when software runs seamlessly in production and is used by customers as intended. Traditional agile teams only look after shippable code, leaving many companies without a solid DevOps strategy or practice.

Working with TechFabric you’ll gain access to our dedicated DevOps and SecOps teams who will work with you to develop a robust strategy to manage and maintain your development pipelines and releases including:

  • Analyzing Current Processes, Tools & Methodologies
  • Identifying Security Inadequacies and Vulnerabilities
  • Assessing Policies and Enforcement as Code
  • System Performance Review & Optimization
  • Monitoring & Threat Protection Plans & Tools
  • Testing (Penetration, etc.) Plans & Tools
  • Documentation & Guides
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User-Centric Product & Application Strategy & Innovation

Leading-edge products, internal or customer-facing, start with innovative strategy. From proof-of-concept to mission-critical applications to re-imagining and replatforming existing products, our product strategy teams give you the expertise you need to develop executable strategies that assure your products land in the “sweet spot” for your users and customers. Stop hoping you are building the right product; co-innovate with TechFabric and know you are delivering the right experience, every time.

  • Business Discovery & Strategic Audit
  • User/Customer Persona Mapping
  • Market Analysis & Competitive Profiling
  • Journey Building, Data Architecture & API Strategy
  • Experience Design Approach & POCs
  • User/Customer Feedback Loops & Validation
  • Full Roadmapping & Ongoing Strategic Growth
  • ROI & Revenue Opps Assessment

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