Operations & Process Automation

Success at scale means transforming operations along with customer channels. Leverage the latest systems and automations to gain the efficiency and cost reductions modern ecosystems deliver.

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Let’s Find the Hidden Gold in your Business  

Creating connected customer experiences is at the core of digital transformation, but businesses often overlook two crucial areas: operational efficiency and data intelligence. TechFabric’s opps and supply chain experts help organizations modernize and integrate systems gaining efficiency and uncovering rich veins of revenue buried within their ecosystems. 

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Operations, Systems & Process Automation Services & Solutions

TechFabric offers end-to-end operational transformation solutions from strategy to implementation to ongoing optimization and oversight.

Operations & Implementation Strategy

TechFabric operational strategists are immersed in operations and supply chain management and are poised to transform your organization with a strategy that modernizes internal workflows, streamlines processes, enables scale, cuts costs and increases ROI. 

Operations System Implementation

Work with our implementation specialists to determine the approach, systems, platforms and data architecture to modernize and deliver the automation, data visibility and operational efficiencies that will set your company ahead of the competition.

Data Transformation, Migration & Management

Data is your key asset and ensuring it is performing and delivering the right insights is key to any transformation strategy.  Working in conjunction with our digital operations teams, our data experts will develop and implement a strategy to manage your data and unlock its full potential. 

Process Automation & Optimization

Lowering costs, increasing ROI and enabling scale are just some of the benefits of automation. Our process automation and supply chain specialists will co-innovate with your internal opps and IT teams to develop an automation and integration roadmap to modernize and streamline your operations.

Data Visualization & Insights

Delivering actionable strategic insights is the cornerstone of any modern data strategy. To manifest real change, you need meaningful reporting and visibility across all areas of your business. Using the latest data visualization tools and expert analysis our data analysts will unleash the true power of your data.  

Operations Managed Services

Crafting strategies for ongoing optimization and scale while running day-to-day operations can be challenging. TechFabric operations, data, and process managed services teams will monitor and manage your systems, data, and integrations so you can focus on your core business with your operations infrastructure smoothly humming along.   

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Operations & Process Automation Capabilities To Transform Your Organization

Our Operations, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Automation specialists can show you how to take advantage of leading-edge technologies to transform your operations to lower costs, unlock the power of your data and find the hidden ROI within your organization.

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Operations Implementation, Automation & Optimization Strategy

You have a vision for your business, but maximizing growth is held back by outmoded systems, complex and ineffective processes and legacy infrastructure. You’re not alone. TechFabric’s transformation specialists help clients to reimagine the inner workings of their organization, enabling them to modernize their operations, identify and capture new growth opportunities, and surpass their business objectives.

Our experts’ deep knowledge and technical expertise enables TechFabric to transform your businesses by facilitating the adoption of leading-edge digital and cloud-based technologies, reducing costs, and maximizing operational efficiencies. We’ll put you steps ahead of your customers and competition while driving growth through solutions like:

  • End-to-End Operational Analysis (Systems Process, Data)
  • Systems Replatforming & Architecture Modernization
  • Process Systemization & Workflow Optimization
  • Data Flow Management, Visibility & Intelligence
  • System Integration & Additional Revenue Streams
  • Ongoing Optimization & Maintenance
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Operations Systems Implementation & Ecosystem Modernization

Process optimization and the path to greater operational ROI often begins with re-architecting and re-platforming existing internal systems. From CRMs to ERPs to finance to customer portals, we’re experts at migrating “as-is” & legacy models to modern cloud-based ecosystems. 

Our experts will assemble the right mix of off-the-shelf and custom-built components to fully unlock your data to enable optimized workflows across your entire organization. We’ll show you how to scale while dramatically decreasing workloads, increasing efficiency and lowering human capital costs through:

  • Full Ecosystem, Inefficiencies, Goals & Pain Point Analysis
  • Re-Architecture Strategy & Platforms Selection
  • Systems Implementation, Integrations & Customization
  • Data Transformation, Migration & Management
  • Security, Organization Access Management
  • Ongoing Customization, Optimization & Managed Services
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Unlock the Power of Data Through Transformation, Migration & Modernization

Our data strategists and architects work hand-in-hand with our implementation teams to develop transformative data solutions that unlock the power of data across your entire organization. Our data specialists will assess, design and implement a modern, secure, data strategy and approach that empowers your business with the visibility and intelligence you need to optimize, reveal new revenue streams, and fully scale including:

  • Data Solution Architecture
  • Modernization & Cloud Migration
  • Warehousing & Database Management
  • Machine Learning & AI Intelligence
  • Integration, API / End-Points
  • Reporting, Visualization Tools & Analysis
  • Managed Services & Co-Management Strategy


How We Automated Our Internal Processes

When we started TechFabric back in 2016 we had a team of eight and no reasonable need for automation or extensive internal documentation. We leveraged robust Excel Spreadsheets to keep track of everything from timesheets to task management, iterating on process as we went.

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Process Automation & Operations Optimization

The growing demands on your business from customers, partners, and vendors put constant pressure on your practices to evolve and change. Meeting these challenges means implementing automation strategies and processes to streamline repetitious tasks and transactions allowing your teams to stay focused on revenue-generating activities. We leverage a host of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platforms and tools applied to a wide range of industries (finance, healthcare, automotive to name a few) to help our clients:

  • Audit and Analyze Existing Systems & Processes
  • Develop a Full Automation & Optimization Strategy
  • Implement Necessary Tools, Platforms & Methodologies
  • Re-Architect Data Flows, APIs & Implement New Strategy
  • Create Updated Dashboards & Data Intelligence
  • Plan for Ongoing Management & Optimization
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Data Visualization, Intelligence & Insights

Achieving complete visibility into your data with automated reporting enables you to gain insight and intelligence you need to make informed decisions across your entire organization. Our data reporting and analytics experts will empower your business with the strategy, tools and advanced analysis to transform your data into your most powerful asset including:

  • Database & Management Audit
  • Reporting & Data Strategy
  • Database Optimization & Data Formatting
  • BI Tools & Platform Implementation
  • Dashboard Design & Development
  • Reports Generation & Optimization
  • Data Analysis & Ongoing Recommendations
  • Training and Reporting Management
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Stay Focused on Your Core Business with Automation Managed Services

Automating processes is an ongoing effort; you will continue to find areas to optimize and areas that represent opportunities for growth and expansion in your business. You want your teams focused on your core revenue-generating activities, not on maintaining your systems and data flow. Our automation maintenance teams will help you:

  • Manage and maintain your systems and automation processes and platforms
  • Identify new areas for automation and data optimization
  • Identify new areas for integration, automation and revenue opportunities
  • Create dashboards and optimize data intelligence for actionable insights
  • Provide ongoing, updated reports across all areas
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Leading-Edge RPA - Get To Know Power Automate

Automating processes and data is an ongoing process to continue to find areas to optimize and grow areas that are expanding in the business. You want your teams focused on your core revenue-generating activitities, not on maintaing your systems and data flow. Our automation maintenance teams will help you.

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